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Laughter Yoga at Kentucky Community Crisis Response Board Meeting- Psychological First Aid  By: Melanie R. Rudolph

This Weekend I presented Laughter Yoga at the Kentucky Community Crisis Response Board. I was given the opportunity to do Laughter Yoga at this event with the referral of a local Laughter Yoga Contact & friend, CJ Wright.

I know CJ because I have hosted the Louisville Laughter Yoga Wellness Club at the Rainbow Spiritual Education Center for almost 3 years. As a side passion, CJ is the Executive Director of the Center.

Here is More about the Kentucky Community Crisis Response Board:

According to their Website, this Volunteer Board does the following:

"In a natural or man made disaster or under national security conditions many events will occur which will necessitate the coordination and delivery of crisis intervention and disaster behavioral health services.
 Crisis intervention and disaster behavioral health services are the immediate and coordinated provision of consultation, assessment, risk assessment, referral, and psychological first aid due to people affected by crisis or disaster."

To Read More- Go to their Website-


I was profoundly touched that this Board is run by Volunteers across the state.

I found that Laughter Yoga was a great stress reduction for this group especially due to the crisis's that they respond to daily. Laughter Yoga allowed participants to laugh freely and to tap into their inner joy and inner spirit of laughter. Laughter often times creates a sense of hope.

Before presenting to this group, I was introduced to the word - "Psychological First Aid" . It is a concept that the Board addresses when responding to Crisis's. You can read more about the definition on the Board's website.

To Me, Laughter & Laughter Yoga is a kind of "Psychological First Aid." Laughter is a Form of Aid that can be applied to the Day to Day life Crisis's that show up in our lives when we least expect.

At the end of the Presentation, a woman came up to me and asked me if someone could do Laughter Yoga if they don't laugh much. She went on to share with me that she recently became a Widow and that her husband had passed away.

My Answer was "Yes."

In Fact, Laughter Yoga is "Psychological First Aid". It is for those times when we don't think we can laugh or deal with the crisis's that show up in our lives. It is for those moments and all the moments in between.

Today, May you add Laughter & Laughter Yoga to Your "Psychological First Aid" Kit,

Love to Laugh ~ Laugh to Love,