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Melanie Rudolph, USA


 Laughter Yoga at Georgetown University

In this University News, The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program at Georgetown University recently offered Laughter Yoga for it's Wellness Initiative.
Laughter Yoga was led by Jane Grafton, who directs Georgetown's, John Center for Mediation & Interreligious Dialouges.

According to the Article, she has also taught Laughter Yoga with Cancer Sufferers and has used Laughter Yoga to help energize groups in Management training.
Research has shown that Laughter Yoga has benefits for the heart and creates a positive connection to others.
Participants of Laughter Yoga at Georgetown University ranged from those new to Laughter Yoga to those who have experienced it before. Read the article to learn more about how Laughter Yoga can be implemented at the University setting and how Laughter Yoga profoundly benefits Health, Wellness & Community.