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Laughter Yoga at Doctor's clinic in TaiwanDr. Son-Kai Lin, Taiwan: He is a renowned medical doctor of department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Taiwan Landseed Hospital. Every Friday he himself leads a laughter yoga sessions with a group of patients in his waiting room ha ha . What a doctor he is? Most doctors will not waste their precious OPD time to educate patients on the effectiveness of Laughter Yoga being a great tool for mental and physical wellbeing. Dr.Lin was trained by Yuanto Chiang who was trained by John Chen the Laughter Yoga teacher from Taiwan.

Yuanto Chiang invited him to join his Laughter club which is very near his hospital and is run by Yuan-Tou and his wife on a daily basis. A few days later, Dr. Lin came to the club with his friend Dr. Chen, a Chinese medicine doctor. They felt great after doing the laughter session and Dr. Lin was wondering how he could help his patients to get the benefits of laughter like him.

One morning, just before his OPD began, he saw his patients waiting with unhappy faces feeling tired and miserable. All of a sudden, a crazy idea came to his mind of leading them through a laughter session. This worked wonders as his patients felt great after the exercises. Inspired and motivated by the changes he noticed in the patients, Dr. Lin soon started his own Laughter Club wanting to promote good health and help people find more joy and laughter in their lives.

See in the pictures, the lady in ornage t-shirt, Ms.Chiu, who was very unhappy while suffering from serious stroke. Although she got good recovery with Dr.Lin's kind care she still can't laugh or even smile.But It made great change to her when she joined Dr.Lin's laughter session for the first time . She finally found her laughter back. Now she is Dr.Lin's co-leader in the club.

Laughter Yoga at Doctor's clinic in Taiwan

Laughter Yoga at Doctor's clinic in Taiwan