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Laughter Yoga At Biggs Park Mall In North CarolinaAmanda Roberts: laughter leader and coordinator of employee health and wellness at Southeastern Regional Medical Center, has organized a Laughter Yoga class at Biggs Park Mall in Lumberton NC, on June 12. The mall prides itself at organizing various events to help the community, create awareness for health and cleanliness, improve the efficiency of their staff and enhance customer satisfaction. Laughter Yoga is then the best way to achieve all of this as it has several health benefits leading to complete body-mind wellness.

The class will combine breathing and stretching exercises of traditional yoga with laughter. "Your body can't distinguish between real or fake laughter," said Roberts. "So you still get the benefits of laughing even if you fake it 'til you make it." Laughter has shown to decrease stress, increase blood flow, boost the immune system and reduce pain and blood pressure, Roberts said.

Some time ago Dr. Madan Kataria, founder Laughter Yoga had also conducted a pilot program with a group of employees from a shopping Mall in Mumbai just to see how Laughter Yoga exercises can help improve the sales as well as the efficiency of those working at the cash counters. The program was well received by the participants and there was a remarkable improvement in the performance. They even reported high levels of well-being and life satisfaction.


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