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This summer I had the privilege of being invited to do laughter yoga at a Safe Space for Teens camp. This was a camp for teenagers who had been grieving due to the loss of some loved one. It was sponsored by a local hospice in the St Louis area.

The first day I did the laughter yoga with the teens and after I loosened them up and got them to relax we had a wonderful session. We did laughter meditation on the floor and did guided relaxation afterwards. (yoga nidra). I truthfully wasn't sure if the quiet of the relaxation would work with teens. It worked well.

I went back a second day and we had another session. I asked the teens if they had any favorite exercises they wanted to do again. Do you know what the feedback was? They asked for that part where we got all "quiet" again at the end. They really liked it.

Laughter yoga can be very cleansing - it can clear out sadness and negative emotions and the healing of yoga nidra at the end can be (and demonstrably was) very powerful.

This particular camp was a very safe setting for teenagers dealing with emotional issues - laughter yoga sometimes can release sadness and other emotions. There was a large group of counselors and therapists available in case we had any problems. Only 1 teenager had a release of some sadness about the loss of his father and the counselor told me later it was good. He and the young man had a good talk about his father so he felt it was a positive thing.

I have been invited back to camp next summer and am already looking forward to it! This was a really lovely group of teenagers and a wonderful staff that was there to serve them.