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Laughter Yoga As Good As Any ExerciseRegular exercising is difficult to sustain for a lot of people as it invariably gets monotonous and boring after some time. A recent research in UK shows that 70 per cent of people would exercise more if it was fun, and almost 60 per cent claimed that laughter would be an ideal form of exercise.

Laughter Yoga has in fact proven to be an ideal exercise routine not only for its physiological and psychological benefits, but also because it is easy to do and is a lot of fun. Several practitioners have reported that they do not want to miss a single session as it leaves them rejuvenated and feeling good.

With this inspiration, the Go ahead! Laughter Yoga Studio in London with laughter expert, Melanie Bloch, recently hosted a series of laughter classes to nourish both the mind and body to create the ultimate feel food experience. According to them there wasn’t a better way of making people feel good than through Laughter Yoga, which has been proven to help revitalize both mind and body.

According to research, both exercise and Laughter Yoga increase cardiopulmonary endurance and the net supply of oxygen to the cells. They help to reduce the stress hormones and combat depression and anxiety by increasing the level of endorphin or the ’feel good’ hormone in the body. They both uplift the mood and boost the morale and improve energy levels.

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