What happens in a Laughter Yoga Session

4 Steps Of Laughter Yoga Step 1: Clapping and Warming-up Exercises: We clap with our hands parallel to each other for full finger-to-finger and palm-to-palm contact. This stimulates acupressure points in our hands and increases energy levels.

Relationship between Sense of Humor and Laughter

What is the relationship between a sense of humor and laughter? Is it possible to laugh for no reason? Most people believe that one must have a sense of humor to laugh but Laughter Yoga has proven otherwise.

Why Is It Called Laughter Yoga – The Yoga Element

The word “Yoga” arises from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’ which means to get hold of, integrate and harmonize. It means getting hold of our lives, integrating all aspects of life, harmonizing our bodies with our minds, spirits and society. There are many paths of Yoga.

How Can Laugh If You Are Not In A Good Mood

“How do you laugh when you’re in no mood to laugh or don’t have any reason to laugh?” The answer is – Theory of motion creates emotion. There is an inherent link between the body and mind. Whatever happens to the mind happens to the body. If you observe sad and depressed people, their bodies are also depressed.

Where is the source of Laughter?

Laughter is not about laughing. It is actually about cultivating childlike playfulness. Once you learn to play, you don’t have to laugh. Laughter will be the natural outcome of your playful inner child. If you want to get rid of your dependence on jokes and still want to laugh, simply become childlike.