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Laughter Yoga and Clown in aisle visiting the hospiceIt's the first of many appointments where are involved Laughter Yoga friends of "Riso&Risa Vercelli e dintorni" and the "Pianeta Clown" of Vercelli to bring the power of a smile to old people and the workers of the structure.

Starting session: old time songs that made the hosts sing and enjoy. A very strong emotion that started to put aside suffering and sadness. Nothing is stronger than music to bring you to happy moments and live them again. Leader and clown lead the singing and the "lalalala" took the place of the forgotten words creating a laughing mood into everyone.

In this such disposition I had no difficulty to teach them the Laughter Mantra "ho ho ha ha ha" followed by a deep respirations and superior limbs movements. To get in touch with their values we invented laughters about their past jobs involving everyone, elders and families, to cooperate, while the clowns improvised a parade exagerating moves and expressions. The use of accessories like hats, flower crowns and garlands added a touch of light and colour, transforming the energy in a magic way. For an hour the old people left their thoughts away thanks to the dancing, the laughing and the magic shaped baloons. At the end of the event we had an amazing snack all together!

At the very moment we were leaving you could feel in the air the smiles and the thanks...it has been such a Joy to give Love through the Laughter.

Thanks to M.Kataria for the teaching of opening ourselves to other people, happiness passes through heart to heart, it's priceless, timeless.

M.Ausilia Vaccari
Laughter Yoga Vercelli-Piemonte-Italy.