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A psychotherapist that I know asked me to do a Laughter Yoga program for a self-help series that she and her partners run once a month. Last Saturday was the program.

About 10-12 people came. Many of them were very guarded and reserved but started out sitting politely and listened. First, the therapist told them about all the health benefits of laughter. I spoke a little and followed that with all of us doing Laughter Yoga. It was amazing!!

I have done Laughter Yoga for 5 years now and am still amazed at how magical it can sometimes be. The people began to open up. Faces relaxed and at the end, everyone walked around hugging each other in heart to heart laughter. People said they felt more open and connected with the group of people - all strangers when they came in. 2 people came to my Laughter Club the next day, another 2 have indicated they would like to come and 1 person invited me to a program for teenagers in a hospice support program this week. And this is how Laughter Yoga grows for me. It is a growth experience for me as well. I might add that I was very tense and rather uptight when I came in to do the program. But after I started laughing and doing the Laughter Yoga, I opened and relaxed and noticed the change in myself as well as the others. Laughter Yoga is definitely my medicine as well!! Very good, very good, yeah!!