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Laughter With Yoga StudentsWith people realizing the several health benefits of Laughter Yoga and its connection with traditional yoga, lots of yoga studios and fitness centers have incorporated laughter sessions with their practice.

One such yoga class is conducted by Stephanie Stewart at the Sammy Williams Senior Center, and she advises her joyful yogis to “take advantage of that free internal pharmacy.” “We kind of let loose and fake it until we are really laughing,” Stewart said. “It's absolutely contagious.” Mood elevation, increased mental acuity, improved immunity and a boost of oxygen to the brain are some of the benefits of the practice. It also feels a lot like the silly kind of fun kids have.

For the class, Stewart has various laughter exercises which have her students laughing all over. Laughing at how you look in the mirror first thing in the morning is another easy situation to laugh at. “If you laugh at yourself, you'll never run out of material,” she tells her students.

Like traditional Yoga, Laughter Yoga aims at attaining complete physical mental, social and spiritual wellbeing through laughter. It is not a substitute for traditional yoga, but is a great value addition to yoga and can be done for 10-15 minutes at the end of a yoga session.

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