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Marcia Alter and Caity McCardell, two South County women hold Laughter Wellness classes on the health benefits of laughter and encourage participants to blow away negative thoughts. Their classes focus on ‘making a practice of laughter’ to improve people’s lives, both mentally and physically. It emphasizes on lifestyle changes which promote positive thinking.
McCardell and Alter teach a combination of Laughter Yoga and Laughter Wellness in their classes as both the concepts capitalize on the “therapeutic benefits of laughter and are sometimes used to help treat people, like McCardell, who have gone through traumatic experiences or are struggling with depression and anxiety, though often it is used as a bonding and relaxing technique.

Here are some reports from participants in their class:
Darlene Bohn, 79: My favorite exercise in the class is bumper cars, where the women all stand inside a circle and bump into each other like they’re driving bumper cars. It gets our endorphins moving, and it’s a happy place and a positive place. And you get to meet people, like-minded people. It’s great.

Marcelle Kardush, 78: My partner has early signs of dementia, so life is not as easy as it was. On a personal level, this is lightening up my life and whatever challenges I’m facing. I’m expecting that as I go home and see my partner, there will be more lightness in me than there was previously.

Elvira Gomes, 90: It felt good to laugh and it’s like getting a facial. It just pushes your face up.
These classes give me an extra boost of confidence in all other activities. I just feel like I can do anything and even if I mess up, I feel like I can laugh about it and move on.

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