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Laughter RevelationsI found myself, this morning, trying to convince my nine year old niece that a few minutes of laughter yoga would help her feel less anxious about her first day at summer camp. With over 10 years experience as a Laughter Coach I was confident that a little nudge of endorphin and serotonin, plus the smile that naturally fills the face when laughing would put that sparkle back into her eyes and make it easier to boldly enter an uncomfortable situation. She quite solidly replied "That kind of thing won't work for me.", which set me to pondering how many people discard the notion that just a few minutes of laughter yoga can improve their mood before they ever try it. I understand that it comes off as quite contrived when I begin laughing before anything is funny. Without the preamble of a joke the mind is skeptical and judgy. But I can assure you that intentional laughter does work for everybody AND it is contrived. We are taking advantage of a human body loop hole. Whether you think anything is funny or not, when you are laughing your body chemistry changes. Happiness surfaces. Confidence shows up. Your smile inhabits more than just your face. Often a persons first experience with laughter yoga is a REVELATION. With surprise they say "That was easy! I haven't felt this good in a long time!" When we get together to laugh, dance, sing and play our zest for life is restored. Every time we laugh we are led in the direction of our best self.
So when I tell you - Try it! You'll like it! - I say so with conviction because I've seen hundreds of people change their lives, their mood, and their attitude simply by laughing.