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Cause And Effect Relationship

On this website, our teacher Dr. Madan Kataria explains that humor and laughter are one continuum, with a cause and effect relationship. For most people, humor leads to laughter, but in laughter yoga clubs, we use laughter as a physical discipline and the result is the development of a sense of humor.
In Dr. Kataria's words: "Laughter and humor make one unity and we cannot separate them. One can use humor in order to laugh or laugh in order to develop sense of humor. Therefore, if you don't have a sense of humor, don't worry. Just laugh yourself silly. Laugh for no reason. Play like a child, and you will see the humor flowing."
Yes, we learn to see the humor in things. The lighter side of life. Even when things go wrong and are not exactly funny. Here is an example.
One winter, the underground drainage pipes under the resort villa burst. Water was seeping through the carpeted flooring and threatening to engulf the bedroom ...
I was overcome with a sense of foreboding.
I quickly called Housekeeping. Housekeeping Manager Shen took just one look at the soaked carpet, consulted the plumbing engineers, and said very apologetically: "Teacher Li, I am afraid we will have to take a few days to repair the burst pipes. The staff are clearing their annual leave. Many have returned home. We will do our best to fix the problem. The water supply will be cut off for the next three to four days. You will have to go to the empty villas next to yours when you need the bathroom or shower. I am very sorry."
Years ago, my first impulse would have been to give voice to my annoyance.
"But this is a world-class resort! How can you expect me to use the bathroom next door in the dead of night, in this freezing weather?"
That day, I listened to the Housekeeping Manager's words very carefully, understood what it was I had to do, and laughed. It was more helpless laughter than genuine laughter. I was struck by the utter hopelessness of the situation and my own powerlessness.
Thankfully, I only needed to use the bathroom in the adjoining villa for the next two nights. On the third day, the pipes were fixed and life returned to normal.
Since I started laughing for at least five minutes every day, I have found myself reacting to situations differently. There is a certain degree of emotional detachment which comes from the realisation that life is messy. We don't always have control over circumstances and situations. This is how life is. Many things still irk me now as they did then. In most situations now, I am able to remain calm, cool and collected. I am less quick to anger. I take myself a lot less seriously. This has been very good for my health as well as the life mastery workshops that I lead. (I should add, one mellows with age.)
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