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I have a link to share for Robin Graham and friends' Webpage: http://www.worldlaughterpledge.org/ which reads - EVERY MORNING, ON OUR OWN OR WITH OTHERS, LETS START OUR DAY WITH A JOYFUL LAUGH, AND WE'LL SEND A WAVE OF HAPPINESS AROUND THE WORLD!


There is a world map included where you can make your mark in support of this pledge.


I am reminded of an interview I read on Bobby Darren - heart throb singer of the fifties - Kevin Spacey made a movie about him.


Here is his quote as I remember it:


' In the morning when I wake up, I'm a short, fat, balding Italian. When I step out my front door, I'm Rock xxxxing Hudson.'


A brief laugh in the shower, at the breakfast table, or even just before going out the door makes a difference. Sign up to Robins pledge and make a difference in your life.