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Laughter Meditation – Way To Relax and Relieve StressLaughter Yoga Teachers Radhika Bisht and Jagat Singh Bisht organized a 3-day Laughter Meditation and Guided Relaxation camp in Indore from May 30 – June 1, 2013. The sessions were well appreciated and provided a new way of stress relief and relaxation for the participants which included students, homemakers, office workers, yoga practitioners and retired personnel.

Here are comments from some participants:

Vikas Samadhia: One thing I liked about Laughter Meditation is that we are not required to sit in any particular posture (asana) and the entire activity is enjoyable. In traditional yoga, the body gets tired but in Laughter Yoga there is no tiredness. On the contrary, all parts of the body fall in rhythm. It takes many days for the benefits of yoga to come but the impact of Laughter Yoga can be felt instantly.

Ajeet Khamare: It was an out-of-the-world experience. I simply loved Gibberish Meditation. It takes you to a state of no mind and complete thoughtlessness. It’s real fun to indulge in it. I have tried other meditation but the forceful breathing there becomes painful at times. Laughter Meditation is simple, beautiful and enjoyable.”

Sarita Chugh: I felt good doing Laughter Meditation early in the morning close to nature. It’s very relaxing. All the worries are gone and irritations wiped off. Back home, it enables you to convert tense situations to lighter moments with a dash of giggles.

Shweta Parate: The relationships at home have become relaxed and jovial. Laughter comes to us more easily. We now laugh at the small things over which we quarreled earlier.

M K Dubey: It was a good beginning to the day and cheerfulness remained all through the day. One could work with better concentration and lesser stress. What I observed after practicing Laughter Meditation for three consecutive days is a lot of positivity, broadness in attitude, forgiveness towards youngsters, and better control over anger, improved concentration and better tackling of relationships.

Dr Arvind Deshpande: It feels good. And, this is very important as nothing feels good these days. We move like robots; Laughter Yoga frees us, makes us human. It may be somewhat difficult to laugh alone but Laughter Meditation in a group is marvelous.