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The energy of Laughter Yoga is increasingly spreading in Italy as people realize the benefits of laughing on a regular basis. Recently, Laughter Yoga teacher Richard Romagnolil conducted a Laughter meditation session with a group of 70-80 people in the heart of the city of Milan at "Castello Sforzesco" a special day dedicated to meditation. The event was organized by the laughter Leaders Silvia Salvarani and Lorenzo Olivieri.

Laughter Yoga Session and Laughter Meditation are two main components of a typical laughter session. In Laughter Meditation, laughter becomes spontaneous and flows like a fountain. It is a deeper experience of unconditional laughter; a kind of laughter in which tears start rolling down your cheeks and your sides start aching.

Laughter Meditation is the purest kind of laughter and a very cathartic experience that opens up the layers of the subconscious mind and you will experience laughter from deep within. While doing this, one has to put in concerted effort to completely detach oneself, on mental and emotional levels, from one’s own feelings and thought processes, as well as from the physical world, to prevent distractions. On the other hand, while laughing, we do not have any conscious thought process, and all our senses naturally and effortlessly combine in a moment of harmony, to give joy, peace and relaxation.

In other types of meditation you need to concentrate a lot, to take your mind away from distracting thoughts, which is easier said than done. Therefore, laughter is the easiest form of meditation, and one that brings instant relaxation.