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Laughter is the best Medicine
Carolyn Nicholson, Australia
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 16:41:36
Did you know that not only is Laughter the Best Medicine but it is the fastest and easiest way to destress. Research has shown and proven that when we laugh out loud for at least ten minutes, our body naturally makes a cocktail of chemicals, that kill cells in our body that could create diseases like Cancer, or heal Cancer if practised on a daily basis?, also regular Laughter strengthens our immune system. lowers our heart rate and blood pressure, relieves pain and also allows us and reminds us to focus and enjoy this present moment. Laughter has been proven to have a positive effect on diabetes, breathing problems, depression, stress, memory, concentration, self esteem, just to name a few. It instantly makes us feel more joyful and younger, if practised for more than a few giggles and on a regular basis.
Did you know, that we are not born with a 'sense of humour'?, we are very fortunate if we are born in to a family that has developed a sense of humour, and we learn from them. It is never to late to develop your own sense of humour, and allow yourself to laugh. Over time as we get older some of us, untrain ourselves to laugh, we get really serious and can allow ourselves tpo have victim mentaility instead of looking at the positives, for example our physical health, and this will suffer as well, if we do not become aware of negative, fearful thinking. It is natural to experience grief after a traumatic event, like the flooding and fire, or any other personal tragedy. Grief is a natural and normal experience after any traumatic personal event in our lives,Grief is not just after a death of a loved one but can be death of a way of life. So I am not talking about natural emotions of grief, however in any moment, if we have legs, arms, a heart, a brain etc and basic health that is working for us, we do have something to be Thankful for and we can choose to add some laughter to that, we are choosing to become more positive, with this personal choice, our life can change dramatically.
In the last year, I have been through my own dramatic life changing experience, and I have used my Laughter Yoga work and natural laughter and Joy to help me cope through it all, so I know from my own experience that all Laughter can save our life.
There are numerous books written about the life changes that Laughter can help us with, one of the first of its kind was written by Norman Cousins, when he found out he had cancer and was going to die, he decided he would beat it, he went home a watched comedies for most of the day, every day until the cancer disappeared.
We need to change the habits we have created in our life, watching too many negatives on television, do not make us feel good. On the other hand comedies, nature documentaries and positive shows change the chemicals in our bodies for the good of every cell in our bodies. Good habits create good health and a positive state of mind and the opposite creates the opposite, each one of us is responibile for own state of health.
Did you also know that Laughter burns calories, tones the body, on the inside as well as the outside. Great for the digestion too, clears the head so we can concentrate more, clears the lungs so we can breathe more, tones the body so we can move more, clears the fear so we can experience joy more. So what are you waiting for smile and laugh more. Ho Ho Ha Ha HGa.
It has been proven that the body does not know the difference between fake laughter and real laughter or a real smile and a fake one, both have the same effect on the body and also the people around you, have you noticed how contagious laughter is. I have found that the only time laughter is not contagious, is when a person is feeling very alone or very sad and they feel unable to relax and join in, but it is only a matter time and healing before that person can laugh again, if they realise how important it is to their recovery. All emotions are normal, it is only when we become stuck in the negative emotions for too long that we may need some help from an expert, as part of our healing process, and from my experience seeking a Professional is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength and willingness to recover as soon as possible. To be the best of me I can be, so I can enjoy more of my life, and not waste any more of it, as life is precious and is ours to be appreciated and enjoyed.
So I encorage you, to laugh as much as possible, remember your body does not know if you are really laughing, I mean if its natural or not, just chanting Ho Ho Ha ha Ha. for ten minutes your body will think you are laughing and you will experience Joy. Its your body, make it healthy by laughing every day, even playing with children and or animals can create Joy and laughter, so go for it.
Carolyn Nicholson
Larfter Lady