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Laughter Improves Short-Term Memory In SeniorsScience has already proved that laughter is good for the brain and body. In fact, Laughter Yoga is one such exercise that helps to stimulate learning and creativity. It also increases the net supply of oxygen to the brain cells thereby improving all brain functions. Laughter Yoga has been very well received in senior care centers, and people suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer's disease have really benefited.

A new study has recently revealed that laughter can improve short-term memory and makes the brain work better in older adults. The research conducted by Loma Linda University in Southern California made 20 normal, healthy, older adults watched a funny video distraction-free for 20 minutes and found that those who got to laugh the 20 minutes away with the funny video scored better on short-term memory tests, ABC News reported. (Read: Laugh out loud with Laughter Yoga sessions to stay fit)

The research also found that people who laughed had decreased level of the stress hormone cortisol, which is an enemy of memory. Dr. Gurinder S. Bains said that the learning ability and delayed recall become more challenging as people age and laughing with friends or even watching 20 minutes of humor on TV helps to cope with daily stressors.

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