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Bangalore based therapist Suchitra Kaul Misra, is all set to bring back laughter into people’s lives. Her focus is on using laughter as a most powerful healing energy in the world. Hailing from strife ridden Kashmir, she lost her home and belongings overnight, and had to flee with her young child. It was her ability to see the lighter side of any dark situation and wear a smile always that helped her cope during those grim times and she also decided to help others.

A certified Laughter Yoga teacher and accredited by Laughter Yoga International; she started Laughter Clubs and shared her experiences at parties, homes for the elderly and corporate programs. Misra blends various healing techniques like quantum hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming to therapeutic humor and laughter.

She has especially custom-made programs for people to deal with grief. “There are healthy ways to deal and cope with your emotions during trying times. A healer can be a coping catalyst,” says the laughter therapist. Pranayamas and correct breathing are a part of the whole healing and rediscovering process. Simulating a smile or a grin and breathing correctly can actually make you feel better as the brain cannot differentiate between genuine laughter and simulated laughter.

According to her awareness, acceptance and action are very important. Everything we do depends on the emotional state we are in. We tend to magnify trivial things and blow them out of proportion. “Sometimes when you look back and remember things that have happened, you find it quite silly or even amusing and may even laugh it off. If you can laugh at it now, why not laugh about it then?” she says.

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