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Laughter Helping People With Chronic Kidney DiseaseA recent report states that Laughter Yoga and Zumba, a type of fitness dance, are great for people with chronic kidney disease. Far from assuming that people on dialysis are too sick to do physical exercise, Associate Professor Paul Bennett, from Monash Health and Deakin University, says that both these exercise routines will definitely improve the quality of life for such patients.

He pointed out that some dialysis units overseas actually have gyms attached and cited examples of physical exercise programs in Singapore, the UK, Sweden and the USA. His presentation showed kidney disease patients in Australia working out with equipment such as rowing machines and fitness bikes while on dialysis; Zumba instructors holding classes with patients getting into the action; and Laughter Yoga therapists raising much more than a smile from patients and nurses in the wards.

Zumba instructors, Laughter Yoga instructors and exercise physiologists are already involved in programs for kidney patients and he would like to see increased use of their expertise.