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Laughter for Psorisias
Carolyn Nicholson, Australia 
I have been leading and practising Laughter Yoga for 5 years, and I have just realised that my psoriasis has completely cleared up during this time, the psoriasis ( a rash on elbows, knees, legs and scalp) would always flare up during and after a stressful times in my life and sometimes could take months to clear, I have suffered with it for 42 years, and I have realised that my daily laughter and meditation has not just cleared it completely but kept it away for 'I really dont know how long', could be years, Ho Ho Ha Ha ha, isnt it funny that we dont notice when something to do with our health is not there but we sure do when it is....
so I Thankful again for the gift of Laughter Yoga and the constant joy I can give myself so easily. Laughter is our natural birth right, so just allow yourself to fake it til you make it.....easier.....Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha...
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