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Laughter For All Occasions (Birth and Death)With people realizing the “value” of laughter, they are trying to incorporate it in their lives; be it a happy occasion or even a sad one. Mia, a child from Beirut decided to celebrate her birthday with a Laughter Yoga session conducted by Sabine Jizi. The children thoroughly enjoyed doing the laughter exercises which brought out an element of playfulness and liveliness. It is a great idea to introduce youngsters to Laughter Yoga, especially on birthdays as it generates a happy mood and brings out the creativity and imagination in children.

Laughter Yoga has proved to be an ideal tool for children as it helps children cope with stress and also replaces some of the play and laughter time that they are losing to formal educational systems and changes in lifestyle. It is the best technique which inducts more laughter into children’s lives.

Birthdays are fine, but ever heard of people laughing at a funeral? Well, do not be surprised. Here is a report from Beate, Germany, who writes about Laughter Yoga teacher Shaiya Gudrun Langewisch, who before she died said that she wanted a happy funeral, with laughing, singing and dancing.

May seem weird to some, but as she lay in the coffin all her friends and family was sitting around praying for her and singing some songs she really loved. Though strange, it was good. In fact, there was both laughter and tears. It was like “deep breezing” for everyone’s souls.

Remember, Laughter Yoga is not a comedy and does require any jokes or humor. It is done in the form of an exercise making it easier for people to laugh under any circumstances. It teaches one to cope with life’s challenges. One can learn to laugh even when one is not happy or in the mood to laugh. So, even at a solemn occasion like bereavement, it has the ability to release certain hormones in the brain which can change the mood state almost instantly and help people get over the grief and move forward.

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