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Laughter For All – It Can Crack AnyoneTeena miller, a Laughter Yoga teacher and cancer survivor, realized that laughter can help anyone; whether they are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, a bad back or a psychological condition. Even a bitter war veteran can be cracked with laughter.

For someone who has survived breast and skin cancer with a huge grin, perhaps teaching others stress reduction via laughter was inevitable. What started by reading an article about Laughter Yoga became a career for Miller as she decided upon helping others by using laughter as a healing therapy.

She enjoyed talking and motivating other cancer survivors. “I had to figure out why I was still on the planet while others with the same diagnosis were no longer here," she said.

After she trained with Dr. Madan Kataria, Miller now shares her knowledge with 15 weekly classes and 200 clients around the Bay Area.
Here are some people who benefited from Miller’s laughter sessions:

1.A troubled soul at a psychiatric facility was almost unapproachable. She was combative and cursing. When the doctors and nurses got quiet, you could hear her yelling. Miller approached the resident and, without making eye contact, started exercises, and she started laughing. It began to slide into hysterical laughter, but it calmed the patient down.
2.Another gentleman at the Institute of Aging was in a wheelchair and rolled up to Miller gathering his thoughts. "I've been working very hard to overcome my stroke. You made me laugh," he told her.
3.Then there was the war vet, a double-amputee. He was angry and violent and drugs weren't helping. Miller was told not to go close to him but she did not give up and went to work with the vet. "He looked at me and he started smiling and he started laughing," she said. "It was amazing."
Laughter really helps people with their stress and with their lives. People must take it seriously and reap all the benefits from laughing.

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