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Laughter Exercises For WellbeingThe hustle and bustle of life has caught on with us to such an extent that instead of a smile on our faces, we often bear wrinkles on our foreheads. Laughter is perhaps the only single exercise routine that helps to ease physical, mental and emotional stress all at the same time.

The benefits of laughter are helping thousands of people worldwide. Laughter Clubs have sprung up in towns and cities where people gather every morning to laugh their hearts out Different clubs have different methods to conduct laughing sessions. Here is a list of some Laughter Yoga exercises which you can do and bring more joy into your life.

Greeting laughter: Greeting with a smile is good but greeting one another with laughter is even better. Rather than using the face muscles to just twitch a bit, why not give them a little more exercise, open the mouth a little and let out a good laughter?
Gradient laugher: If you are not the type who can laugh all of a sudden, the gradient laughter is just for you. Smile a little, giggle some and gradually let out a laugh which goes on increasing.

Hearty laughter: When the mood sets in, you can be prepared for a good hearty laugh. Laugh the way you have heard Santa laugh with a loud HO! HO! HO!

Argument laughter: Arguments are not good and are a real spoiler of events. Laughter Yoga exercises gives arguments a new face. Argue but with laughter. You cannot resist laughing out louder than intended.

Back pain laughter: Laugh your wits out while holding your back bend forward. It will seem like you are having a backache, but it is just another move in the laughter exercise.

Hula hoop laughter: Move your waist as if you are hula-hooping. Along with the waist movement, start laughing with your club members. Before you realize it, you will have done your waist exercise also.
Electric shock laughter: How would you react if you get an electric shock? Now, recall the reaction and imitate it. You cannot help suppressing your laughter.

Wave laughter: When you laugh without a care in the world, you do not care about the things happening around you. Wave laughter is one such kind. Laugh out loud, stretch your hands over your head and still laughing, bring the hands down to touch the feet.

Clap laughter: We clap when we are happy. When we laugh out at times, we clap our hands also. Clap and laugh at the same time. You are sure to feel lighter and relaxed.

Laughing helps release stress by allowing positive energy to flow through the body and mind. It is also great for cardiovascular patients and many other diseases as it helps to boost the immune system, increase the net supply of oxygen to the body, reduce the cortisol levels, bring down blood pressure etc.

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