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7I am delighted to be able to speak on the topic “Laughter Exercise and & Healthy Aging” to the lecturers and staff of a very popular and forward looking institution of higher learning in Malaysia-TAR College. Speaking in such a popular college with a total enrolment of 25,000 students, I can’t help dreaming about the scene that I will lead 25,000 students doing laughter yoga and chanting HOHOHAHAHA one day! Wow!!

Okay, wake up !! Let’s talk a little about healthy aging. What is Healthy Aging?

Healthy aging describes the process that one undertakes to reduce the risk of illness and disease and increase the physical, emotional and mental health. There are some basic practices to achieve healthy aging which includes : healthy diet (nutrition), quality sleep, weight control, stress management, exercise, positive mental attitude, adequate water intake and regular check- ups.

Research shows that practicing laughter yoga regularly can:

• improves sleep quality

• burns calories and helps get rid of abdominal fat

• release stress

• provides us with all the long list of benefits for aerobic exercise

• push away negative emotions etc etc

All these and other benefits of laughter yoga helps one to achieve healthy aging. Therefore, If we are serious about aging joyfully and gracefully, we need to learn to laugh and make it part of our lives.

"You don't stop laughing because you're old. You grow old because you stop laughing. "

Best wishes to you in the aging journey!! HOHOHAHAHA.