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The 2009 Laughter Cruise Long Beach

California, USA to Ensenada, Mexico


The Laughter Cruise of 2009 was a grand success. Feedback has been unanimously glowing, and interest in future cruises is high!


Friday afternoon the laughing gang met in an elegant Dining Hall and received a gaily decorated gift bag containing delightful costume pieces, mementos, and (a brilliant idea of Kathy Burns): a colorful “sailor’s hat”. For ½ hour everyone colored, painted, or attached stickers to their hats – with promises to wear them at the Group Photo on Sunday. At the sit-down dinner that evening – the food was marvelous, always - we all sat together at two large tables. The air was full of laughter, stories and socializing. (The wait staff said we were an awfully fun bunch – for a group that wasn’t drunk!) Many of us went for a night-time stroll on the top deck, enjoying the pleasant ocean breeze as the ship moved at a leisurely pace towards Mexico.

Saturday morning we gathered in the open air for a Laughter Club session, weaving among the decorations of the Mini-Golf Course. The playfulness was clearly contagious, as several of the cruise’s other passengers joined in our laughter shenanigans. After a pause for another ample breakfast, we gathered in a cozy and colorful lounge to watch Mira Nair’s renowned documentary on Laughter Yoga, and then to participate in the new program “Laughing with the Stars”. Between scenes of great cinematic joyfulness (with movie stars like Gene Kelly, Julie Andrews, Dick van Dyke and Robin Williams) we laughed up a storm. After lunch, the group headed ashore in Ensenada where we laughed “Gibberish Punchlines” on every street corner until we arrived for photo-taking at a picturesque museum. We then took our time strolling back to the ship, grabbing souvenirs and happy memories. Our shipboard reunion at a Piano Lounge reserved just for us was marked not only by fun stories from the day’s trip, but also delightful music at the keyboard, from Chopin and Bach to boogie-woogie and “Rhapsody in Blue”. At dinner, the dress code was formal, while the dinnertime laughs were hearty and heartfelt.
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