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555c1cf46eaefDSC02426The resort lifestyle offers many privileges. Among the privileges are meeting and laughing with interesting people from around the world, and forging special friendships with many. Laughter the universal language connects us all.
Australian guests Joe and Helen Kavanagh spent the last day on Sun Island posing for pictures with Elaine, Cindy and me.
As Helen was getting ready to leave the resort, she expressed delight and amazement that laughter is helping to relieve the pain in her knees. She now laughs for a few minutes every day and shares with others the benefits of laughter therapy.
When she experienced excruciating pain in her knees just the other day, she found herself saying to her husband: "Joe, my knees are hurting. Ha ha ha!"
By laughing and diverting attention away from the pain in her knees, Helen found instant relief. Of course, it helps that Joe is there, laughing with her. Since Joe is naturally funny and sees the lighter side of life, the couple have no problems incorporating laughter in their lives. Helen is determined to find a laughter yoga teacher in Adelaide. I have directed her to this website.
It has long been known that exercise increases the levels of endorphins in the blood; the body produces endorphins to help fight pain and fatigue, making it possible for us to continue whatever it is that we are doing in spite of physical pain.
What most people may not know is that laughing for a few minutes every day enhances our wellbeing. Studies show that people who smile or laugh at least 8 times a day have more endorphin content in their blood than the average person and are more prepared to combat pain in a more effective way. Endorphins are small neuropeptides that are produced by the body and act to reduce pain. [Source: Encyclopedia.com]
Knowing what she knows now, I am sure Helen will enjoy many happy and pain-free days ahead!
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