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Laughter Club Healing today
Carolyn Nicholson, Australia

Today was a Wonderful healing day, I like to change what I do in my Laughter CLub on a regular basis to promote more joy, so today through the entire warm up there was lots of silliness right from the beginning, we warmed up the feet by turning onr foot out...eeeeee and then the other eeeeee and then walked towards each other (like charlie chaplin) heee heee heeee, turn the feet back to normal position' eeee 'and walk back wards 'heee hee' and so it continued until we went thru each section of the body up to head (the hips saying Hoooo) being more and more silly.....one of our regular attendants fell on the ground laughing and could not get up, as this was happening all the participants went into their spontaneous joyful laughter and a complete stranger was walking towards smiling profusely, when she reached us she noticed all the natural laughter and asked if she could join in, Noelene was still on the grass uncontrollably laughing, the new lady stayed until the end and then said she loved it and will be back for sure. Following our coffee after the laughter session the healing continued as most of the ladies came back to my place, we shared lunch, meditated and allowed any prayers of group healing and awareness and or guidance,to come forth for all of us, without being too religious, and then we shared our gifts of healing, or books or whatever with each other, the day started at 11 a.m. and finished at 9.30pm. with more laughter as I shared my videos with them of us attending and leading Laughter Sessions in India, they all loved seeing the joyful Indian people laughing with Des and I...What I have learned the most from leading Laughter Yoga sessions over the past 5 years is 'the more Joyful, relaxed, spontaneous, silly and humble I am, the more the group will enjoy the session, it is important to leave any Ego at home, lock it in the cupboard with your old shoes. At Ashrams there are sometimes a sign at the front that says, please leave your shoes here with your Ego.... so Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha, off I go...barefoot ha ha ha...Carolyn Nicholson