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Laughter Changes Outlook In Job SearchA lot of people seem to feel that although laughter can cure all kinds of medical and emotional ills, it can't replace a lost job. But according to Orapat Sivatanpisit, a certified Laughter Yoga instructor from Thailand, the value of laughter isn't in solving problems, but in putting things into a fresh perspective. It's not the job search that brings people down, it's the stress related to the search. If you can relieve that stress even momentarily, the respite can reinvigorate you, she says.

Her message to the job seekers is simple: The more you laugh the better as laughing deeply can mimic aerobic exercise, while also triggering endorphins and serotonin release. All of those effects combine to energize, release tension and provide a new outlook.

Sivatanpisit also uses Laughter Yoga training in helping teens and young adults with disabilities, and their families. As she conducts a laughter session with them she sees a real change in their behavior and outlook. Initially, they have no eye contact at all and just walk around the room without paying any attention, but after the session, they not only know her name but also greet her. Maybe it's the power of suggestion, but by the end of the 45-minute session, the mood in the room changes noticeably and people actually land up laughing more freely without prompting, and holding their heads a little higher.

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