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Laughter Championships In ManchesterThe National Laughter Championships will be held in Manchester in June 2014. Comedians, scientists and Laughter Yoga instructors are set to attend this occasion. Dr Madan Kataria will also travel from India to run laughter workshops encouraging people to laugh freely. There will be talks on the science of laughter along with Laughter Yoga classes and a laughter party.

The event held over two days in Manchester city centre, forms part of a week-long UK National Laughter Festival taking place around the country. Anyone who can smile and chuckle can take

part in the laughter competition - where the winner is the person who can laugh most joyfully and get others joining in. People will be encouraged to talk gibberish, draw pictures and write compliments for each other to get everyone in guffawing.

The aim of the annual event set up two years ago and run by Greater Manchester’s non-profit wellbeing group Feelgood CIC is to promote the health benefits of laughter and get people to focus on laughter and laugh together.

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