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Laughter Boosts Creativity & Learning SkillsOn June 11, 2013,Kaiyuan Pagoda of Shandong-Shanxi Town-Ho Chi Minh City Hanoi held an opening ceremony of summer retreat for young people. More than 600 children from all over the province enjoyed the laughter session.

Laughter is a great exercise to boost one’s creativity as it helps to make people aware of their innate talents and potential and enables them to express more freely and creatively. This enhanced creativeness is especially beneficial in the business world as it promotes better performance and helps increase the efficacy in the work environment.

Laughter Yoga also increases and promotes the willingness and ability to learn. It relieves tension and helps the students to concentrate and enhance their attention spans, thereby improving the performance level. Research suggests that laughter produces psychological and physiological benefits that help students learn. It creates learning styles in a way that forces them to think in divergent and real-life ways. It has been observed that classroom laughter can improve student performance by reducing anxiety, boosting participation and increasing students’ motivation to focus. This in effect facilitates learning and develops better memory.