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Laughter Boosting’ Combats ChallengesThis is a technique to proactively prepare for Stressful situations such as Public Speaking, Presentations, Stage Performance and Competitive Sporting events.

People fear Public Speaking more than anything else. Anxiety over a simple Presentation can be debilitating. Moreover, sufferers are typically embarrassed and reluctant to admit they have a problem. Laughter Yoga can help counteract the destructive, negative consequences of Chronic Stress. Researchers have found that the state of Mind has everything to do with the functioning of the Immune System. By engaging in Laughter, one can boost both Mind and Body.

Immediately after a cone is left pumped up and able to cope with anything --- one is fully energized and is ready to max performance. It helps to let go fear, heals and clears negativity, confusion and uncertainty. It is one of the best ways to lighten up and prepare for an occasion that seems demanding and challenging.

Laughter Boosting is a boon especially in the workplace, and for performing artists. It helps to gain confidence as the body chemistry undergoes a dramatic change after a bout of Laughter. People plagued with constant fear of facing an audience can relax immediately after a Laughter Session, as it brings about a sense of calmness and diminishes feelings of anxiety and panic.