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Here are the words to a song which my friend Jan wrote and presented to the world through Madan during the May 2006 Laughter Teacher training in Bolton, Ontario.


There is a tune which goes with it, composed by Susan Lapp of Guelph, Ontario. The original recording featured Heather Katz of Orangeville, Ontario on vocal and guitar accompaniment. I know that Sebastian Gendry put out a YouTube clip last year so you can likely do a search for it. Jans intention was for copies to be sold with all proceeds going to the Laughter Yoga Foundation for the development of Laughter Yoga worldwide.


here you go:


International Laughter Anthem

Whoever we are, whatever we do,

We are One Family.

We share One Source of love and hope,

Creator of harmony.

Listening is Love

Praising is Love

Creating is Love

Laughing is Love

Choosing to be free, be free, be free.

Our choice is to be free.

We each can weep, resist, or fight,

We each can have our fears.

We each can shout, or blame, or cry.

We each can shed our tears.

Sorrow is Love,

Sharing is Love,

Learning is Love,

Forgiving is Love.

Choosing to be free, be free, be free.

Our choice is to be free.

Whoever we are, whatever we do,

Sisters and Brothers are We.

Your life, my life's a miracle,

Truth is all. We can be.

Hope is Peace,

Honor is Peace,

Love is Peace,

Celebrate Peace.

Laughing to create, create, create,

Together our Harmony.