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  Affirmations vs. Afformations By: Melanie R. Rudolph

Affirmations- You may have heard of Affirmations before.

In this process, You Affirm phrases & words that you want to create in your day and life such as:

I Feel Good.

I am Healthy.

I Laugh for the Joy of Living.

I am Wise.

Affirmations are great and often times result to positive outcomes.

Now, Let's take a Look at Afformations.

I first heard of the word Afformation from Noah St. John, Ph.D., www.thesuccessclinic.com .

In this process, you create Empowering questions that begin with "How" & Why."

This way, you allow the Subconscious Mind to start creating powerful answers and results in your life.

To use the examples from above - you may change the above statements to the following questions:

How Can I Feel Good ?

How Can I Be Healthy ?

How Can I Laugh for the Joy of Living ?

How Can I be Wise ?

Here are some other examples that I have created that are related to Laughter/Laughter Yoga -

How Can Use My Laughter to Decrease My Stress?

How Can I add more laughter to all my relationships and my Family ?

How is it Possible to add more Laughter into my Life everyday ?

How Can I Feel More Aliveness, Vibrant and Full of Laughter Everyday ?

How Can My Laughter Flow through Me ?

How Can I apply the Law of Attraction & Laughter in My Life Everyday ?

How Can Life be full of Love, Laughter & Abundance ?

Consider Creating a Few Afformations for Yourself Today ~ whether related to Laughter or not? How Can You Create Empowering Questions that Apply to Your Life ? How can You Create Afformations for your Laughter ?

Here are a few other examples:

Why Does It work Out Better than I possibly can Imagine ? (reposted from Mark Shepard)

How Can I Create New Possibilities for Abundance in my Life Everyday ?

How Can I Live a Vibrant, Awesome Life ?

Why is it Possible for me to Live an Extraordinary Life ?

How am I amazing ?

How Can I use all my Gifts & Talents everyday ?

How Can Sustained Laughter Be Good for My Health ?

I would Love to Hear about some of your empowering Afformations & Laughter Afformations ? You can email Melanie at wellnessforyou@gmail.com Thanks for Being the Amazing Person that you Are :~D _______________________________________________________________________________

"Hearty laughter is a good way to jog internally without having to go outdoors." Norman Cousins
Love to Laugh ~ Laugh to Love, Melanie