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Laughing Yoga Cultivates MindfulnessA recently published article by Reuters once again reaffirms that Laughter Yoga is a great exercise routine, easy and safe for everyone to practice. Unlike any other form of yoga, it does not aim at sculpting your body; instead it chisels the way to complete happiness and wellness. It wants you to be just happy.

Laughter is not about laughing. It is actually about cultivating childlike playfulness. The exercises in Laughter Yoga may seem silly, but they facilitate the shift from thinking to feeling. The goal is to connect with people and build a community based on the virtues of understanding and compassion. It intends to generate mindfulness wherein people become aware of others and become more considerate and selfless. The laughter exercises are in fact less physical in nature and more of a social benefit as engaging with people is an enjoyable thing and leads to a network of sharing and caring people.

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