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Laughing In Berlin Metro – With 3 Million Viewers On YouTube!!A report by Angela Mecking

Our Berlin Laughter team “Hauptstadt Lacht” recently conducted an unusual laughter session in a Berlin Metro as we cancelled our plan of a regular session in the room. Laughing in the Metro was really something! We wanted to spread laughter and see how people reacted and had just fun.

We entered the train and one of us started giggling, the next followed, and finally you could not distinguish between our laughter group and other passengers. The whole train turned into a laughter group! Many people wondered why people were laughing at all – still they couldn’t stop laughing!

Matt Grau, one of our Laughter Club members filmed the entire sequence which was uploaded on YouTube – just to share it between ourselves. But the reaction was amazing: We got 3 million clicks from all over the world, more than 4.000 comments and almost 15.000 “likes”. The video had been shared via YouTube, Facebook and many other social media. Several news media reported about this, a TV station from Brazil even repeated this with actors in a Metro train in Brazil.

This story is not only another proof that laughter is contagious. The overwhelming reaction shows that people worldwide are longing for something – for joy, for connection, for love in every aspect of their life. It is also an indicator for the change of mind which is already happening all over the world. So let’s laugh and love!

Watch this Video:

Here are some media responses:

TV Brazil: http://fantastico.globo.com/Jornalismo/FANT/0,,MUL1677730-15605,00-TESTE+REFEITO+PELO+FANTASTICO+MOSTRA+QUE+RISO+E+CONTAGIANTE.html

Berlin Newspaper “Tagesspiegel“: http://www.tagesspiegel.de/berlin/lachflash-in-der-u-bahn/5943124.html

Berlin Newspaper „Berliner Kurier“: http://www.berliner-kurier.de/kiez-stadt/youtube-hit-so-bringen-sie-eine-ganze-u-bahn-zum-lachen,7169128,11289858.html

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