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6My ex-colleagues invited me to share laughters with the Homeless People at the Temporary Shelter Home. The laughing volunteers and me went to their monthly gathering and we shared laughter yoga with them.
This time we have around 12 members in the shelter home, and they joined the activity in a voluntary basis. They laughed out loud, although quite a few of them aged 60 or above.

After the session, they shared with us it is since a long time ago for them to laugh out loud like this. They felt love and happiness in this session.

Sometimes, we are trying to share the happiness or being good by giving food or money to the homeless people. We think this is what they need is the earthly things. In the world with abundance of materials, we try to share our love and care to the children or our parents may be giving them money or some latest products(smartphones, television or any kind of good food). We think love and care can be measured by money.

Afterall, the most valuable gift we can share with others is our time and our laughters. It does not matter what kind of food we share with the homeless people, but it really matters is we laugh together, talk together and share together. This makes them feel

they are part of the community.

If you can, please share your smile, or be the reason for someone to smile today. 🙂