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Laughter Extreme Makeover # 1
Melanie Rudolph, USA
Why does that date have significance to me ?
In 1 1/2 Years- I will turn 40 Years YOUNG !!!! ­čÖé
I will be in a new decade.
For some people, that may seem like a long time away.
For others, it may be no big deal.
For me, It has been a very Transformational time of my life- on so many levels.
My Intention is to use the Tools of Laughter Yoga and to apply them to my life on a whole new level over the next 1 1/2 years & Forever.
I am not exactly sure what that will look like though I will partly use this forum to allow the journey to unfold.
Some Key Elements of Laughter Yoga that I will Apply:
1. Using "Very Good Very Good Yeah" More Often in My Life. Celebrating the Day to Day Goodness in My Life.
2. Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha. Using this Chant more often especially to help me get through the challenging areas of my life. For example, going through a huge pile of paperwork in my office. ho ho ha ha ha ­čÖé
3. Laughter Exercises. Creating Laughter Exercises for ALL areas of my life especially the challenging areas of my life.
4. 4 Elements of Joy- Laughter, Play, Dancing & Singing- Adding these 4 elements more often to my everyday life.
Do you want to Play along ? ­čÖé
Love & Laughter,