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Laugh Your Cares Away With Laughte

Lainie Diamond a professional mezzo-soprano from New York discovered she had lost her laughter in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. She had fallen into a spectrum of depression and did not know how to get out of it. "I was ready to laugh more," she said. "I think human beings often realize they need to laugh more when things are getting too serious."

Diamond soon found a Laughter Yoga instructor Vishwa Prakash and decided to join his free class. She was stepping outside her comfort zone and enjoying life more. After her training, she became a certified Laughter Yoga instructor and began offering free laughter classes in various centers and organizations.
At its core, she said, Laughter Yoga teaches one how to breathe. As a professional singer, Diamond was already familiar with a variety of breathing techniques to help her achieve long notes. Through Laughter Yoga, she discovered the therapeutic value of breathing.
Laughter creates positive thoughts that result in release of neuropeptides, which are a type of chemical transmitter, to fight stress and illness. Just going through the motions with various "deep ho-ho-hos and ha-ha-has" can help oxygenate the body, she said.

Each week, approximately 20 people gather for her yoga program at the Houston library. The participants move around, sometimes hugging themselves while laughing silently or out loud. It may look funny, but Diamond said they are learning breathing techniques and activating various muscles. Those attending her class have reported that they are able to express laughter, anger and forgiveness in a much better way through laughter and breathing.

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