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Laugh Fest In The MidwestThe first laughter gathering of professional leaders and enthusiasts recently concluded in Chicago with a heartfelt response. Leaders gathered from Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Iowa to share in the excitement that laughter brings. The event sought to bring together the sharing of laughter from those that have been successful in their endeavors to those that wanted to know more and be immersed in the activity and education of the power of laughter. The event also sought to create a fundraising for a community website of the heartland that would list the specific areas that each specialized in so as to be a Chicago / Midwest directory for those who were looking for laughter in their area or for a specific group.

Lynda Tourloukis, founder of the Chicago Coalition of Chuckles, a resource and support group for laughter leaders felt that the people of the heartland could benefit from a laughter conference as it would help to generate more awareness. The interactive presentations of Laughter Yoga professionals created a warm bonding experience that succeeded in filling souls with the inner spirit of laughter and knowing the value and power of laughter even more.

The two day conference from Oct 2 – 3 was marked by several activities like wild and creative rhythm and sound by Lynda which evoked new ideas of how to lead a laughter session. Tanaz Bamboat CLYT talked about how to overcome depression with laughter and meditation, while CLYL Susan Frangos shared ways on how to keep the laughter flowing with practical nutritional advice. Other participants talked about how to find everyday ways to create humor and laughter for themselves and those around them.

In this conference three main concepts to grow with for the next year include a “Laugh It Of” blog and group formation for health and wellness fitness and weight balance, A business proposition where everyone can put in a combined effort to receive a financial gain in a collaborated organization and the publishing of the 5,000 laughing exercises for 2011.

In all, a wish for the Peace, Love and Joy through Laughter was a concluding message sent from the Heartland of the USA to the ground laying of the first brick for the Laughter Yoga University in Bangalore as a laugh heard round the world.


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