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Laugh Away Your ‘Monday Blues’A handful of people in Pueblo- Colorado, do not face any ‘Monday Blues’ as they are regular practitioners of Laughter Yoga. In fact, for them it’s the funniest day. Starting a week with laughter helps them go through it with a smile.

Annette Long who runs these laughter classes is also a clinical psychologist, and she believes that laughter is the best medicine for one’s wellbeing. Breathing techniques coupled with laughter exercises makes one feel healthy and good.

There are no jokes told at the session, but participants are put through several silly exercises like imagining the worst dancing they’ve ever seen and then re-enacting that. “If you don’t feel like laughing, that’s really ok. But I need you to pretend,” Long says. She asks the participants to fake it until they make it as the body gets the same physiological and psychological benefits from fake laughter as from real laughter.

Some comments from participants:

Louie Long: “You find yourself just laughing because everybody is laughing. It becomes genuine.”

Susanne Baker: “It was funny to think about yourself and laugh at yourself too. That was the most fun.”

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