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A major problem we face today is that we have become overly sensitive to what people say. We always give a meaning to the words, even though the person might not have meant what we interpreted. This hurts, and we keep on suffering. This happens because of the ego mind and one of the best ego busting exercise we do in laughter clubs is to laugh at your own self.
Laughing at your own self does not mean you are demeaning yourself or making fun and degrading yourself. Also, it does not mean that you're losing your self-respect. It only helps to release us from unrealistic and harsh expectations we impose on ourselves. It also helps us to appreciate the fact that we are not perfect; we all have weaknesses and inconsistencies. Once you accept all your shortcomings and weaknesses there is room for improvement. There is nothing to hide from others. There is no need to wear the masks of “looking good". You have complete freedom to create what is good for you without bothering about what others might think about you.

Accepting Responsibility

Laughing at you own self allows you not to take yourself seriously, but to take your responsibilities seriously. There is an ancient saying in India --" You are your own friend and enemy". You are totally responsible for what happens in your life, Never blame others for it, because no one can harm or do anything wrong with you without your permission.

Most of the time, we complain about government, politicians, partners, neighbors and competitors for things going wrong. Not just this, we also do not spare God! We crib about fate and destiny, but refuse to accept our own responsibility. The moment you accept the responsibility and take control of life, the transformation happens. It is the beginning of your spiritual and personal growth.

Now, analyzing from a larger perspective, the fact is that even you are not responsible for anything which happens. It is a part of the universal design that whatever happens, happens for a reason and is good for you. Therefore, if you are accepting and are in harmony and oneness with nature, you are not in conflict with any one. Once you are at peace with yourself, you become more creative and are able to find a solution for your problems.

In other words, the world is Maya- the play of the creation; According to Shakespeare the world is a stage and we are all actors. We react because we do not have the ability to accept reality. When things are not in accordance with our expectations, we either deny it or keep suffering while blaming it on others.

Laugh at your own self though a physical exercise has a deep impact on the mind. It enables you to overcome your ego and point a finger at yourself and not at others. It helps you to accept the truth and become a more positive and responsible person.

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