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“Manifesting World Peace through Unconditional Laughter, with Liberty and Friendship for All”

The Laguna Laughter Club was founded on June 21 2005, by Jeffrey Briar, a resident of Laguna Beach, California.Mister Briar had just returned from Switzerland where he had studied with Dr. Madan and Mrs. Madhuri Kataria, the creators of Laughter Yoga.With his newly gained credentials as a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, Mr. Briar was eager to establish a regular laughter practice in his town (located on the Pacific Coast, halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego).  On Father’s Day, June 19 2005, he visited an inspiringly beautiful spot on the beach and decided that this was where the laughter club would meet.The club began on the Tuesday morning immediately following, with only one participant: Mr. Briar himself.  Honoring his personal commitment, he went to the beach 3 days each week and led laughter exercises, regardless of the number of other participants.  Within a few weeks, a handful of laughers began to regularly attend.  Word of the club, and the health benefits of laughter, grew.  In about 5 weeks, Mr. Briar had five others laughing with him regularly.  Local media began doing articles and pictorials on the club, which contributed to the number of regularly-attending laughers.Laguna Laughter Club - Early Years

In October 2005, Laguna Artist/Craftsman David Sullenger took Mr. Briar’s Laughter Yoga Leader Training, and promptly volunteered to lead the club meetings 3 additional days weekly.  In December, another Laughter Yoga Leader (newly trained and certified by Briar) suggested that the club might meet one evening per week.

Thus in December of 2005 the Laguna Laughter Club became the first laughter club in the world outside of India to meet seven days per week.
Club attendance now averages 75 to 100 people each week.  In the 2010, just after the club’s 5-year anniversary, they welcomed their twenty-thousandth laughing attendee.

Click here to see the club's video "How We Do It - Laughing on the Beach."

All the meetings are free – always have been, and always shall be.  The club was featured in the CNN-TV Special on “Happiness and Your Health” with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, as well as numerous television and newspaper features.

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You can contact the Laguna Laughter Club at
(949) 376-1939,  or on the web at www.JoyfulB.com

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