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Laguna Beach Laughter Club Welcomes Landmark ChucklerMembers of the Laguna Laughter Club, CA, recently extended a hilarious ovation to one lucky person who became the 19,000th person to laugh on the beach since the club was founded in 2005 by Laguna Beach resident Jeffrey Briar. Convinced of the benefits of this laughter-as-exercise system Jeffrey started the club with nothing more than a vision, and one club member – himself! Soon more and more people joined in the laughing, then a few became trained Laughter Yoga Leaders. The Laguna Beach now has over 300 people per month, laughing together for health, fun and friendship.

As an advocate of therapeutic laughter, Mr. Briar appeared on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ and ‘Dancing with the Stars’. The health benefits of laughter have been acknowledged by prominent researchers. And the benefits include significant improvement to the cardiovascular and immune systems. Laughter relieves stress, anxiety and depression as the Laughter club members tend to create caring friendships, expressed through group outings, celebrations and gatherings.

In the years since the club’s inception, Briar says that he has seen people’s sinus problems and allergies disappear; depression gets replaced with joy in life, loneliness and shyness turn into friendliness and courage, and fatigue changes to exhilaration. People of all ages have attended the gatherings, from 2 months old to 87 years young!

The Laguna Laughter Club meets seven days per week (and was the first club in the world outside India to do so). For more information call (949) 376-1939 or visit their website at www.JoyfulB.com.

Download photos at http://s31.photobucket.com/albums/c391/JoyfulGent/Laughing.