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As mentioned in my previous blog, I led laughter yoga sessions as part of a preventive care project for senior citizens at Mihama Lively Plaza. The participants loved my demonstration of how to make fake laughter based on Dr. Madan Kataria’s five laughter rules. Therefore, I also instructed members of our Chiba Laughter Yoga Club how to fake laughter in the same way.

Discovering that one of laughter rules of looking upward to begin laughing is similar to Koto Bauer, everybody wanted to create a new laughter yoga exercise based on Koto Bauer as an original one of our club. That is Koto-Bauer Laughter.

Koto Shogiku practices so-called Koto Bauer just before sumo-wrestling, which is said to have contributed greatly to his first winning championship at Tokyo Sumo Tournament from January 10 to 24, 2016. "Koto Bauer” seems to have been named after "Ina Bauer," which Shizuka Arakawa, a figure skater had shown at the Turin Winter Olympics, where she won the gold medal.

"Koto Bauer" is one of relaxation programs which have been developed for Koto Shogiku by Mr. Yoichi Takazuma, Professor of Tokai University. He says that only looking upward and holding up one’s head with confidence will provide real confidence. The Koto-Bauer laughter aims for reinforcing the Koto Bauer with laughter. Its exercise is as follows:

1) Stamp your feet twice.
2) Put your hands up to shoulder height while inhaling, and look up to throw out your chest.

3) Try to hold your breath for a while after inhaling, and you burst out laughing.
4) Lower the head with laughter, and oppress the diaphragm to help exhale air from the lungs.
5) Try to keep on laughing until you run out of breath.

 I think that laughing techniques suitable for Koto-Bauer laughter are as follows:

1)    “Wa” laughter (Wahahhahhahhahha) of “Wa-line” laughter (After inhaling deeply and holding your breath a little longer).

2)     “Wa” laughter (Wahahhahhahhahha) of Variation 1 of the above“Wa-line” laughter (After inhaling deeply and pronouncing the “Wa-line” sounds a little longer).

3)    “A” laughter (Ahahhahhahhahha) of “A-line” laughter (After inhaling deeply and holding your breath a little longer)

4)    “A” laughter (Ahahhahhahhahha) of Variation 1 of the above“A-line” laughter (After inhaling deeply and pronouncing the “A-line” sounds a little longer)

5)    “MuWa” laughter (MuWahhahhahhahhahha) of “MuWa-line” laughter (After inhaling deeply and pronouncing the“Mu”sound a little longer).

The Koto-Bauer laughter can be used not only for laughter yoga session but also for the following:

1)    For general use

(1)  Exercise when you get up in the morning

(2)  Exercise for a change

2) For working people

 (1) Exercise before beginning work in the office or factory.

 (2) Exercise for a change at long-time meetings

 The Koto-Bauer laughter for the above cases is practiced as follows:

1) Stamp your feet twice.

2) Practice Koto-Bauer and then make one of the above laughing techniques 3 to 5 times. After you get used to the Koto-Bauer laughter, you can increase the number of times.

3) Practice childlike play “Very good (clap), very good (clap), yeah, great (clap), great (clap), yeah” and make big laughter.

4) Breathe deeply and slowly 2 times.

I hope that using the Koto-Bauer laughter for a variety of purposes will promote spreading of laughter yoga among working people, in particular.