Challenge Your Assumptions

Challenge Your Assumptions Would you be surprised if I told you that some of your assumptions are always wrong? In fact, today, I would like you to question your assumptions. It may be difficult, but it is the only way to view the world from a new perspective. It is […]

Who Is My Guru?

What better time to answer this question than around this time of Guru Purnima- an Indian festival dedicated to all teachers and gurus. It is celebrated in the month of June – July on a full moon day, when people pay their respects to their teachers and express their gratitude.

So What? Mantra For Happiness!

Who was Yamma Gucchi? A stray dog! Conceivably hard to believe that a dog taught me the toughest lesson of life. But, it was true. Yamma was one of the waifs and strays in my neighborhood. Looked after by an old couple, Mr. and Mrs. Anand, she had earned quite […]

Laughter and Silence-A Spiritual Retreat In India

A new self-awareness program has been developed by Dr. Madan Kataria, MD, based on an age-old Indian wisdom stating that life is like a house with five rooms, those being – self, family, work, social and spiritual. If your life is to be balanced, every room needs to be well […]

Lessons Learned From “DAISY”

Almost all us, at some time in our life, have been bothered by constant provocation and pestering by some people leading to absolutely infuriating situations hard to deal with. You will find yourself getting sucked into a vortex of negativity and frustration. So how does one deal with it? Either one has to give in or resort to helpless reasoning, which most times does not work.

Advertise Your Weakness!!

Advertise Your Weakness!! Every person has a fair share of strengths and weaknesses, but very few have the courage to talk about their weaknesses. It is understandably difficult to open up and admit to one’s faults and try to rectify them. Sometimes, we go through our entire life hiding our […]

Set Yourself Free With Forgiveness

This is an inspiring story about Tarzan Ren-yuan Lyu, a psychologist, who I met on my tour to Taiwan. He assisted me as a translator for my workshops and seminars. He also translated an article from my book about ‘Forgiveness’ and was so inspired that it led him to apologize […]

Leading People From Behind!

It was some years ago in Hamburg, Germany, I was interviewed by a journalist writing an article for a business journal. Towards the end of the interview, she asked me how I managed to spread the Laughter Clubs in so many countries. How did I manage people and how many […]

Don’t Leave Laughter To A Chance !!

How often do we wish we could laugh more in our lives? When we see someone laughing heartily we wish we could have more friends like them around us. One of the reasons we are not laughing enough today is because we are leaving laughter to a chance. We laugh […]

Laughter Yoga Is All About Joy!

It took me 40 years to understand the difference between happiness and joy, but you can know this difference in just minutes of reading this article. Happiness vs Joy : Happiness is conditional response subject to fulfillment of your desires. We are happy when we get what we want. This […]

Achieving Emotional Balance Through Spirituality.

Achieving Emotional Balance Through Spirituality. Depression, sadness, anger, frustration, drug addiction and alcoholism all stem from an inability to effectively deal with life’s problems and an inability to express pent-up emotions. This is caused by our having too many wants and desires, and unrealistic expectations of comforts and pleasures, and […]

How can you laugh when you are not in a good mood?

When I was in Berlin on 14th October 2006 for the European Laughter Yoga Conference, a newspaper journalist asked me how you can laugh if you are not in a mood to laugh? I am asked this question often by people all over the world. Here is the answer. I […]