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At the New Glasgow library, Shelley Ballantyne regularly conducts a Laughter Yoga session for a group of people and leads them through simple exercises – all the while, laughing and smiling which helps to reduce stress and strengthen the immune system.
Participants laugh like never before without any inhibitions. They aren't at all self-conscious – and keep doing what they are doing. Singing, dancing, laughing and playing which are the manin components of Laughter Yoga are some of the key contributors to happiness.

Ballantyne swears by the physical and psychological benefits of laughter; it is after all, the best medicine, in a world that could always use more medicine. True enough as all the attendees in her class seem to be having a real good time with Laughter Yoga, which releases endorphins into the body, thereby resulting in a feeling of complete body-mind wellness.
According to Ballantyne there are health benefits to 15 minutes a day of good laughter, whether it‘s real or not. These benefits are scientifically proven and people will feel better after a hearty laughter session.

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