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Kangaroo SMile and update laugh
Carolyn Nicholson, Australia 

I was driving home after the course I am leading every Friday,today and I was just waiting at the traffic lights and something caught my eye, it was a kangaroo crossing the road, while all the cars were stopped at the lights, it was broad day light, not sunset or sunrise when they usually come on to the roads in the Australian Country areas...it jumped in between the cars on one side of the road, had a look around, like we do, and then jumped across the other side safely while all the cars had stopped at the red light, now that made me laugh and smile for quite a while, another time I saw one jumping down a residential street not far from where I live.... we do live in a regional area and a Kangaroo has been seen down the end of our street but crossing at traffic lights....now thats a new one...ha ha ha...very cute.

I hope it made you smile too...

Kanga smile and giggles to all
Carolyn Nicholson
Laughter Lady
While we were in India last Month, I was inspired to have a real aussie Laughter Exercise, so I came up with the 'Kangaroo Laugh'....You have your arms and hands up in front- like a kangaroo...and you jump, using the Ho Ho Ho...laugh (I know Kangaroos don't make that sound) but the children in India didnt care, they loved it.........and you can make up your own laugh if you don't like that one.
You could also put add some other Kangaroo movements..
Try it..it is fun..