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10I have a principle of writing unique blogposts no matter how many different blogs I write to. However, for this brief moment in time and space I am going to forget about that principle because the blog from The Laughter Blog yesterday may be relevant to many more people than those I reach through The Laughter Blog on Blogspot.

So here it goes...

The work I do with Laughter Yoga involves no comedy, humour or jokes - it is all about laughing for no reason and it is great! As you laugh more your sense of humour develops and you find more things funny - your laughter and joy become more easily accessible to you and lurks just under the surface.

Today I share ONE joke.


Often in life when we are facing challenging times we use humour to counterbalance the stress of the situation and avoid being upset all the time.

Now, my situation is a tiny issue compared to lots of other people's stuff - I have a really achy tooth and my dentist has no time for me until midweek.

Friday was when I discovered the culprit - when it in fact decided to break. I can cope, I thought, it is not painful...

Yeah, weekend! Woohoo! Toothache - boohoo!

So this is where I was reminded of a pretty poor joke that I will now share with you:

Question: When is the best time to go to the dentist?

Answer: 2:30 (tooth'urty)

Get it?

Well, the big thing about jokes is that they require the intellect to actually get the punchline - and do we all get it? Here's the issue, not getting it does not mean that we are less intelligent than those who do get it, it only means that our minds may not be focused on the track of the joke and so what.

Perhaps you recognise the situation where someone tells a joke and everyone laughs including yourself, but you mind is working overtime, steam rising 'what the h... was that all about - I really didn't get it' - you don't say, you just laugh politely with the others 'ha ha ha, yes, that's funny' - recognise it? How many of the group do you think have similar thoughts?


That thought alone would have me howling - never mind the joke, life is what's really great and fun!


Good jokes depend on your sense of humour and essentially 'sense of humour' is defined as the following in the Unabridged Dictionary:

the faculty of perceiving and appreciating the humorous

Many people come to the Laughter Club telling they don't have a great sense of humour but that is great news because Laughter Yoga does not require humour!

And just to recap, when you laugh you develop your sense of humour and start seeing the funny side of more situations and things in life, a really helpful and useful tool in this day and age where things seem to be more serious than ever.


So reminding you and myself...


Live well - love much - laughter often!