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Wednesday, 24 April 2013 16:40:55
Joy in Giving is not just at Xmas time, it is important for every day of our life. When I was in my early twenties I had visitors, I enjoyed their company so much, I found myself (as usual) trying to think of what I had to give them, in that moment, I asked myself why I always did that? was I doing it so that they would like me? or was I doing it because I like to give? at that time I did not have an answer so I stopped looking for something to give them.Over the years since, I have come to realize that it is just my basic nature, a major part of who I am because years after giving gifts to people for no reason I would totally forget about it, and the person I had given to would remind me and I would not remember at all, that I had given that gift.It is natural for me, to see a bargain and think of who I could get it for, just to give them a surprise, I feel so good doing those kind of things.

Since I started Laughter Yoga over 7 years ago, I have found I do not need any rewards,certificates or recognition for those seven years,of being devoted to Laughter Yoga, for living, loving and sharing Laughter Yoga in two different Laughter Clubs for Free because what I give with any Laughter Session, I receive a thousand fold back,

I have given a few Free Laughter Sessions lately, and always come home feeling light and full of Joy. The Joy of giving especially, giving and sharing Laughter Yoga, is a Wondrous Miraculous gift that we (as Laughter Leaders) are very fortunate to be able to share, because as we give we receive. Joy is the gift of the heart, the gift of Love which is a gift of Healing.

I love and I am forever Thankful to see the changed expressions in the faces of people at the end of a Laughter Session, the twinkle in the eyes, the smiles from the heart, the gratitude in their words.

After 7 years and six months of continous Laughter Yoga, I now live Laughter, I laugh like a child, and even surprise myself with my own laughter, no stress lasts forlong any more, a person may upset me but not for long, because of my natural laughter that occurs spontaneously daily now, constantly reminds me of what is important in life, you and me, and us and laughter and of course love. We are all one. When we laugh together we actually experience this.

I have also been told a few times lately about how much younger I look, the more I focus on this present moment and have gratitude for what I have in this moment, and also experience the Joy in this moment including Laughter, the healthier, stronger, and younger I feel and look, or so I am told. Ho Ho Ha Ha ha and seeing I turned 60 this year, I am very very Happy with that. (photos taken November, 2011)

I am devoted to Laughter Yoga, I may only create little ripples in the ocean of Laughter Yoga, but together with all of the people who create little ripples with me, we create gigantic waves to make a huge difference in the world with Laughter Yoga.

SO lets soak in the ocean and waves of Love and Laughter that come from the source of Madan and Madhuri Kataria. (maybe splash them back some, ho ho ha ha ha)

May you all be blessed with Love and Joy through Laughter for Xmas and all year next year,

Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha

off I go..


p.s. When I say, it is important to give every day,I mean, it could be just your smile, a compliment, a Thank you, or to show someone you care. Giving is not just of things, but of yourself.

When we give we receive.

20/1/2012.. A Brand New Year and a Brand new me, in the past 8 mths, I have been going thru one of the most challenging times of my life,however, I have still been living all of the above, I have been there to help quite a few of my friends going thru their own challenging times and we all found joy in sharing those times together. As I wrote above, as we give we also receive, that has been happening to me, I am completely overwhelmed and forever grateful, for all the gifts I have been given in all different ways from totally unexpected sources. I have Great faith in my belief system and the God I believe in. I am truly convinced we are here on this earth to give, share and experience Joy, Love, Honesty and most of all Laughter together. Also if you are the type of person who always gives, maybe you need to learn how to receive. Its all about balance. When we are out of balance so is the world we live in, or so it would seem.

Thank you for your time, in reading my ramblings, and if you would like to comment or share pls email me, laughtercaz@yahoo.com.au

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